New Worship Schedule – FAQ

New Worship Schedule FAQ

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our new worship schedule. If you have a question that isn’t addressed below please feel free to contact a member of our pastoral team directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are we moving to a new service schedule?

With our growth in recent years, we are now utilizing every small group space at the Mt. Zion Campus and unable to start new groups. We also believe that we will reach more people in the future by offering more options for worship services.

2. What will the new services look like?

– The 9:30am service will feature our choir, band, praise team, and orchestra. It will be the same service that we currently offer at the Mt. Zion Campus under Pastor Philip’s leadership.

– The 11:00am service will feature a new band led by Pastor Josh Woods. The feel of this service will be similar to the IMPACT service on February 11.

– The 5:00pm service will be a traditional option that falls under the leadership of our worship and preaching teams. Songs will be hymns only and the preaching content will be different from Sunday mornings.

3. How long will the services last?

Each service will be an hour in length in order to accommodate small group schedules and traffic flow.

4. Who will preach the morning services at the Mt. Zion Campus?

Pastor Corey will preach BOTH services at the Mt. Zion Campus.

5. Why start the second service in the Commons?

We anticipate a large crowd for the launch of our second service, but not quite large enough for the worship center. The worship center at Mt. Zion has nearly 1,400 seats, which creates an environment where we need a sizable crowd in order to achieve critical mass. Without enough people in the room, the worship service looks empty and lacks necessary energy and momentum to sustain growth.

6. How long do you anticipate holding the second service in the Commons?

Not long at all! In fact, we hope to outgrow the Commons within the first few months of launch. It’s better for us to grow into the worship center from the Commons, however, than to start in the worship center without critical mass.

7. Will there be any changes to the worship center to help the feel of the two services?

Yes, although the changes will be minimal. We will cover the two outer sections of the worship center and use the four middle sections for seating. This will draw people toward the center of the room and will help to create an environment where the room feels welcoming and fully occupied.

8. Will Kidz Jr., Kidz, and Student Ministry small groups be affected?

Not at all! Family ministry small groups will meet first hour (9:30am), which is the same schedule they have presently. Kidz Jr. and Kidz ministries will continue to offer a worship hour at 11:00am that is held in the Kidz Jr./Kidz area. Students will attend the second service with their parents and families, although most students sit together in a large group.

9. Will we have small groups or the evening service on Easter Sunday?

No. We will have two worship services on Easter Sunday morning, but no small groups and no Sunday evening service. This is our normal Easter Sunday schedule. We will offer our new services, however, with Pastor Philip leading the first service and Pastor Josh leading the second service. BOTH services will meet in the worship center for Easter. The full schedule with small groups and our Sunday evening service will begin the following Sunday, April 8.

10. My family attends the Greenview Campus. Does our schedule change as well?

No! The schedule at our Greenview Campus will stay the same, with small groups meeting at 9:00am and worship at 10:30am.

11. How can I help?

Pray for God to move in a great way as we open new lanes of worship and discipleship to our community. Also, consider serving on our First Impressions Team, which is responsible for greeting people who visit and getting them to the right places. If you can smile and offer a helping hand, you are qualified to serve! We will require more volunteers in first impressions with two morning services.

12. What if I have additional questions?

Contact any member of our pastoral team and we will be more than happy to connect with you.