Small Groups

Small Groups

Life is better together.

What are small groups?

We aren’t created to be alone. Small groups consist of people who want to share life together. There are groups for men, women, co-eds, and more.

Want to lead a small group?

Leaders organize and connect people in their small groups. Find out if leading is your next step.

Why should you join a small group?

Read about the importance of small groups in this article by our Discipleship Pastor, Jacob Saltman

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do small groups meet?

Groups meet at homes, restaurants, coffee shops, and on campus on Sunday mornings.


Is there childcare provided?

Childcare is an option depending on your small group.


How often do small groups meet?

Small groups typically meet weekly or bi-weekly.


How do I choose a small group?

Start the process by downloading our guide below or contacting our Discipleship Pastor, Jacob Saltsman.

Find a group for you.

Download our small group guide to find the best group for you.


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