God’s love knows no borders. We engage in missions locally, nationally, and internationally.

Transform Haiti

We participate in the lives of over 100 orphans in Gonaivies, Haiti. We know their names, and they know ours. We provide food, water, shelter and an example of God’s love.

  • Why I Go
    Patrick had to figure out why he needed to go on mission.

Planting Partners

We believe in multiplying gospel impact by planting churches all across the country. We currently support church plants in Covington, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Salt Lake City.

  • Scotty Neal
    A church planter became a multiplier.

Hope Ministries

You don’t have to cross an ocean to engage in missions. Hope Ministries provides, food, clothing, and Hope to people of Northern Kentucky.

  • Story of Hope
    Toothpaste can give hope.

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